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when he released his solo album in '1996

From New York to Los Angeles `

In February 11th,'1954.Michael Thompson was born and raised on Long Island in New York State.
One evening,Michael and his family were electrified when the Beatles performed on the T.V. Ed Sullivan Show.
That Christmas Michael and his brother Todd asked their parents for a guitar.Mr.and Mrs.Thompson decided to buy only one very inexpensive guitar for them.When Michael was 9 years old.
His brother's enthusiasm for the guitar quickly faded but, Michael's natural ability and dedication to the instrument were apparent almost at once.
Michael joined his first band with some neighborhood kids when he was 11.Later in high school he joined other bands playing at local teen centers and high school dances.

When he finished high school,Michael told his parents he wanted to attend the Berklee School Of Music in Boston.
His mother was skeptical,but his father insisted he be given a chance to pursure his dream of being a professional musician.
While he attended school at Berklee,Michael leaned that much of the music he loved was not performed by the artists whose names appeared on the front of the record jackets,but by a select group of "Studio Musicians"Michael decided he wanted to be one of those select few.
After his work at Beaklee,Michael remained in Boston and joined The Ellis Hall Band,a popular New England R&B group.While playing with this band,Michael met and married his wife Gloria.It was during these years that Michael started using the R&B demands made by the Ellis Hall Band,his jazz training at Berklee,and his natural love of blues based Rock'n Roll to refine his own unique style. After a few years touring the club and collage circuit with Ellis Hall,Michael and Gloria decided to move to heart of the entertainmant industry,Los Angeles.

Long way to success.

Michael quickly learned becoming a successful studio musician was not going to be easy.Michael played in clubs,played on demos,drove a cab and went on the road as a back up musician for Joe Cocker , Cher , Andy Frazier and others.Almost everyone he worked with immediately recognized Michael's talent,but talent is only one part of what makes studio musician.And after a few years of strugging,Michael started to get calls from some of the bigger producers.They were not disappointed.

Today Micahel is one of the world's most sought after studio musicians.He plays on records for artists around the world and often cannot find the time to work for everyone who needs him.His ability to play with sincerity and conviction in many musical styles is what makes Michael such a valuable assent to artists and record producers throughout the world.

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