ASK M.T.〜L.A. Special Virsion〜 (15 questions)

I've got some questions about "M.T.Speaks"from fans.
I took these questions to Michael Thompson when I was visit to L.A..
He sent me the answer to them by fax.Thank you very much M.T..

Q.1.How many times a day do you practice playing to Koto?
Is it easy to play?It was difficult for me.

A .The koto was very easy for me to pick up.
I just tune it to the key of the song and then find melodies that work.My friend Yukiko gave me a CD of Japanese Koto Music that I have listened to alot.

Q.2.What is the lure of Koto?

A .I always loved the sound of Koto and other traditional Japanese instruments like the Shamisen.

Q.3.Why is the title "HAIKU"? Have you ever tried to make Haiku before?

A .I just liked the name for that song which has Koto playing the melody.

Q.4.When and where do you usually make these songs?

A .I write most of the songs in my studio and also in my living room on my acoustic guitar.

Q.5.Where's your favorite place?

A .I love L.A. but my favorite place to go is Maui, Hawaii.

Q.6.In this album which is your best song?

A .I like all of them but if I had to choose it would be"Sahara Song".
(His wife's best song is"The one and only love")

Q.7.This album has 15 songs more than the last one. What do you think about that?

A .I actually had too many songs for this album.2 songs that wouldn't fit on this CD will be on a re-issue of "The World According to...M.T." as bonus tracks.
("The World According to...M.T."re-issue is in store now!)

Q.8.I feel like traveling all over the world when I'm listening to it. Do you have a favorite country or city?

A .I was trying to create a feeling of traveling to different places when I was writing the songs for this album.

Q.9.What is the theme of this album?

A .There's really no theme,It's just me playing all the different types of music that I love.

Q.10.The vocal songs were awesome in the last album. Why didn't you put them in the new album?

A .I wanted to use my guitar as the "Voices"on this album.My next album will include vocals again.

Q.11.What did your family shout out in the song called"Stress ball"?

A .They are shouting "Go Nate"(Nate Morten)"Go Gregg"(Gregg Bissonette).

Q.12.What do you think about your daughter "Sahara"'s voice?

A .I love her voice,it fit with the music nicely on "Sahara Song".

Q.13.Did you send your album to Miyuki Nakajima?

A .No,but I will be recording her new album with her in June and I will give her one then.

Q.14.You often give the word"MOON"in the song titles. Do you have a particular reason for doing so?

A .The Moon that I'm referring to in "Moon & June"is Moon Calhoun-my good friend.June is his wife.(Moon's wife died about 5 years ago.)

Q.15.Do you have any message that you want to send out to the fans in Japan?

A .Thank you for listening to my music and I hope to be able to do a little tour of Japan sometime in the future.




Q.Do you like sports? What is your favorite team(or player)?
(Question from B.E)

A.I love watching basketball, preferably the Los Angeles Lakers .
My favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant (of the LA Lakers).

Q. Do you like to sing? Why don't you singing on the solo album?
(Question from Sheena)

A. In my mind, I'm a great singer!! I just try to sing with my guitar because my voice sucks....

Q. If you couldn't play the guitar,What are you going to be?
(Question from luna)

A. Haha....a surf bum!, just kidding. I was going to be an artist (drawing) when I was a little kid.

Q. What's your impression about Japan,the Japanese pop music and Japanese traditional musical instruments?(Question from luna)

A. I'm using a Koto quite a bit these days! I've used it a bunch on my new album. I like Japanese traditional music alot! The pop music is very similar to its own ways.

Q. What is the most impressive album you've ever played or Who is the most impressive person"musician"? (Question from ryu)

A. I think that the greatest thrill to me was when I got a chance to work with Mutt Lange on Shania Twain's last album. Of course, getting to work with David Foster for all those years was the greastest help to my career and also was a great learning experience.

Q. Who's your guitar hero? (Question from guitar mania)

A. My favorite all time guitar player is JEFF BECK(although I have many other favorites.)

Q. What is your favorite songs ? (Question from guitar mania)

A. One of my favorite song is "EUROPE" by SANTANA because the melody is so beautiful.

Q. Who's your attention grabber"new guitarist" ? (Question from guitar mania)
A. One of my favorite new guitarists is my friend, Matt Scannel from the band VERTICAL HORIZON .

Q. Which do you like to play"Ballard"or"Funky"or"Rock" ?
(Question from mt fan)

A. I like to play all three types.It keeps it interesting when I get to play on different feels and tempos. I grew up playing rock and then spent a long time playing in funk bands, and then started playing alot of pop in the studio. So I have had alot of experience playing all three types.

Q. What is your favorite album and movie now?
(Question from mt fan)

A. Right now I am listening to some stuff that I have been working on lately with a girl named Haiti.
And also listening back to some of the songs that I have been getting ready to mix for my album. It will be called "M.T. Speaks" (my wife and daughter came up with the idea)
My favorite movie right now is
"White Chicks"
(with Shawn and Marlon Wayons as the stars).

Q. What do you think about working with Miyuki Nakajima and her new album?Does she speaks in English at the recording studio?
(from Lov)

A. I love working with Miyuki. She doesnt speak much english but she sings live on every single take in the studio--I think that's really cool. We're doing a live DVD at the end of September. I'm looking forward to it.

("Miyuki Nakajima Live in L.A."dvd in store now!)

Q. Your guitar play was excellent in Johnson Enos's album called "Forever".Tiffany's album"Friends" was also good.What was your impression when you were working with the studio musicians on their
two albums?
(From Akitsu)

A. Johnson is a REALLY good friend of mine and I love his music. I just saw him last week when we were on vacation in Maui. I've enjoyed getting a chance to work with all the great studio musicians throughout my career. Man! Tiffany's album was a LONG time ago!!


Q. Whats songs are you played on Shania Twain's new album"UP!"? (Question from senapy)

A. I'm playing all of the electric guitars on the pop CD(the red one). 

Q. What kind of guitar are Michael using now?

A. "Burns Steer" & "Tom Anderson Hollow Tele"

Q. What's M.T.'s favorite albums right now?

A. "Monsters Ball"(Soundtrack) and SANTANA"Shaman". 

Q. Michael's brother Mr,Todd is older or younger?

A. He is 1year older.

Q. When is Michael's Birthday?

A. February 11,1954. (Aquerious)




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